E-OceanSpec won $5000 from Innovacorp Blue-Green Challenge

On October 17, 2019, EASYOCEANTECH relied on our flagship product E-OceanSpec to win $5000 from Innovacorp Blue-Green Challenge and successfully entered the 2nd round of the competition.


Only three months after the establishment, in the formal pitch in front of seasoned venture capitalists, EASYOCEANTECH confidently introduced the strengths of our company and emphasized the advantages, technologies, and practicalities of E-OceanSpec. The judges validate the feasibility of the product and express inspiring encouragement to the development of our company with various constructive suggestions. In the end, EASYOCEANTECH won both $5000 prize money and the following professional guidance from Innovacorp.


E-OceanSpec is the flagship product of Easy Ocean Technology with a number of advantages such as being portable, small-sized, easy-to-use, and cost-effective. Both professional users and ordinary users want the instruments to be extremely professional to acquire accurate data, but also intelligent enough to realize a “one-click” operation. E-OceanSpec finds the perfect balance between these two performances. Based on a miniaturized structure, the product can help professional customers and ordinary users obtain reliable marine optical data by standardizing the complex observation process and combining intelligent software guidance. Furthermore, a professional water quality report can be generated through the smart algorithm database of our company. Our users don’t need a professional background in oceanography, or weeks of training; with just a few minutes of familiarization, anyone is capable of controlling our product expertly. The first prototype of E-OceanSpec has passed functional testing in July 2019, and the second generation's optimization and test are in process. The mature version of E-OceanSpec is expected to enter the market within 2020.


Moreover, it is worth mentioning that Innovacorp is Nova Scotia's early-stage venture capital organization, established in 1995 under the Provincial Innovation Corporation Act. Its target industries include information technology, clean technology, life sciences, and ocean technology. Innovacorp wants to use Blue-green Challenge to promote the growth of potential start-up companies in the ocean technology field or in the agricultural technology field.

2019-10-18 08:18