Easy Ocean Technology Submitted Patent Application of E-OceanSpec to Canadian Intellectual Property Office

In March 2020, Easy Ocean Technology officially submitted a full set of patent applications for E-OceanSpec to the Canadian Intellectual Property Office and received a filing certificate in the following month. Since “logistics should come before military maneuvers”, EasyOceanTech filed its first patent application less than half a year after its establishment, which not only indicates our rigorous protection of intellectual property rights but also marked the particularity and independence of E-OceanSpec’s technology.


The company filed the patent application not only for E-OceanSpec‘s hardware, including an observer and a handheld self-stabilization holder but also for a mobile app developed specially and a method for evaluating water quality. The goal of E-OceanSpec is to provide both professional customers and ordinary users with accurate, instant, and comprehensive waterbody data, and to establish an information interaction platform that benefits scientists, regular users, governments, and environmental organizations, and even make essential contributions to the establishment of global water body database. Through multiple experiments on core technologies and improvements in self-developed designs, EasyOceanTech has successfully transformed conventional large water observation equipment into a portable, easy-to-use, and intelligent small observation device. Therefore, after the launch of E-OceanSpec, acquiring water data and assessing water quality is no longer a technical threshold operation, nor is it an expensive scientific research project. Anyone can master and use this product through a few minutes of learning and begin to contribute to the prediction and protection of the global water environment.


Our company knows patent application and IP protection is a long-term process, so we have taken a solid first step. As a start-up company with core technologies, E-OceanSpec, which is expected to enter the market within 2020, is only the first step in fulfilling our mission of ocean protection. In the future, we will strive to standardize, commercialize, and intelligentialize the marine optical technologies that are useful to society, beneficial to the environment, and convenient to the public. We’ll strive to deliver them to scientific researchers, governments, environmental organizations, and consumers as soon as possible.

2020-04-02 08:22